03.02.2015 The New Album!

I’m thrilled to announce that I am making another FULL-LENGTH ALBUM, and I’m especially excited to be recording it independently, without a record label. While many of my artist/musician friends have done this for their entire careers, this will be my first time, and I am pleased to say that this album will be exactly the kind of album I want to make, and it will also be more about YOU, the very people who listen to the music! Wow, what a concept!

A phenomenally talented group of musicians has agreed to help me make this album. Paul Moak will be producing it, Kris Donegan will play guitar, Viktor Krauss will play bass, and Jano Rix will play drums. The list of credits for these guys is way too long for this note, but many of you will recognize Jano Rix’s name from the 10 years that he played with me in the GDB!

Please take a look at the special items I’ve included in my PledgeMusic campaign. I will document the process as much as possible in order to provide behind-the-scenes footage, and I will also be recording acoustic piano/vocal versions of every song on the new album, that are available for pre-order. There are many other items too, including my first vinyl pressing!

WE ARE THE MEDIA!! So, please, spread the word about your support of this campaign throughout your social networks.

If you would do me the honor of supporting this project, I promise that I will create my new best album!

Head on over to PledgeMusic now to take the pledge!

All the best to you!