08.14.2020 Smoke Clears

My new song, “Smoke Clears” is now available. Give a listen here:

Here is an update and some thoughts about this song:

Hey Everybody!

What a year this has been! Like many of you, my big 2020 plans were totally blown apart in the spring. If things had gone as planned, right now I’d be wrapping up a summer tour, and you would have my new album in your hands or on your speakers. Obviously there was no tour and I’ve chosen to postpone the album release for a few more months. In the interim, I have been reflecting on the ways our lives have changed, the chaos and uncertainty we have all experienced, and I have written songs about it. Today I want to share with you one of those songs.

I wrote “Smoke Clears” with two of my favorite songwriters, Garrison Starr and Maia Sharp. We felt compelled to write this song because of the major shifts in our ways of living brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, and because of the great uncertainty we feel about our collective future. That coupled with the righteous awakenings around the issues of racial justice and policing reform have given us feelings of anger and despair; but also a great hope and optimism that these fires of change will forge us into better human beings and that we will all see a better world when the smoke clears.

You can expect even more new music soon, and I’ll be making some announcements about the new album very soon! Wishing you health, happiness, and strength to persevere.