05.16.2021 New Album June 25th—Debut Single Available Now!

Hello Friends,

I’m so exited to announce my new single, “Something Good” is Available NOW! You can listen and purchase it here! It’s the first single from my new album, Lay It On Me, which will be released on June 25th.You can learn more about the album in this American Songwriter feature here.I’ve been getting more active on YouTube, so subscribe to my channel now to find out whenever I post new videos! Subscribe here! 

On a […]

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10.23.2020 Bend The Curve

I have a new song out today! You can listen to it HERE. I’d like to share a few thoughts about it with you. ❤️

This song is about having the courage to speak and act for what it right. It is about peacefully standing up for equality and justice—racial justice, economic justice, LGBTQIA justice, environmental justice. In my mind, they are all part of the same justice. 

We are one body. One human family, one earth […]

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08.14.2020 Smoke Clears

My new song, “Smoke Clears” is now available. Give a listen here:

Here is an update and some thoughts about this song:

Hey Everybody!

What a year this has been! Like many of you, my big 2020 plans were totally blown apart in the spring. If things had gone as planned, right now I’d be wrapping up a summer tour, and you would have my new album in your hands or on your speakers. Obviously there was no tour and I’ve […]

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01.24.2018 Tour With Tyrone Wells

I will be heading out on tour with my friend Tyrone Wells. I hope to be hitting a city near you over this month and a half tour. Very excited to play some new music for you and hope to see you there! Tickets HERE

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